In Veterinary on April 17, 2011 at 5:52 pm

My most recent career arc has added inspecting veterinary hospitals. I was asked to do the job. Strictly flexible and on a consultation basis so that it doesn’t have to interfere with anything else I do. Originally I wanted to go through the training and see if my own hospital was up to snuff and then decide if I wanted to do it. Much to my chagrin it turned out we needed some help. Doh!

Then before I could accept the position I was told I was an inspector and handed a to do list. Well, ok, no big deal because there was no time expectation. When I got done with the few they assigned (this is the state) I would turn them in and get a few more. And their are some cool parts. I have a state ID which has some benefits. A discount at hotels. Some other paid things, meals etc.

I do get a ‘you will respect my authoritah!” sensation a la Cartman on South Park for some reason. And I am on the inside to expectations and changes as to the rules that regulate veterinarians and the standards they are held to. Thus I have to keep myself there if I am going to tell other vets what to do.

Ultimately it is a fascinating job and I realize I do a necessary important and educational thing for other veterinarians and by extension the patients they care for. So I am helping the pets in another more significant way. And most, probably 90% of veterinarians want to abide by the rules. They just don’t always know what they are. And the others really need to get up to speed or the veterinary medical board needs to know about them.

Now I give talks to veterinary groups about how to prepare for inspections, and perform complaint related inspections all over the state. It all really is very satisfying.


Regulation is not necessarily a bad thing for all involved.



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