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Times are changing in vet med, especially in our locale. Vets are being over run with routine needs by their existing clients and it can take weeks even months to get in. ERs are similarly making clients wait for hours then sometimes turning clients away after that for pets that “aren’t sick enough”

And staff is frazzled helping people who are not always on their best behavior. Hospitals can’t find enough vets to help as employees or even extra occasional help so that the regular vets can get some time off

One can see the avalanche approaching

The Urgent Care veterinary hospital service niche has come! Noble Vet started this Jan 1, 2023

No more appointments. Emergencies, the in between not quite regular care and a hospitalized ICU type case is now being cared for by us. In some ways I think my entire career of 28 years has prepared me for this as well as my mentality. Of course the staffs capability is a absolute requirement for this

We are fitting in our regular clients for routine needs, just not taking new clients and have cut out most basic time and staff energy consuming efforts like a nail trim just for nail trims sake (you’d be amazed how many people that takes sometimes or chemical restraint or …)

Clients are greatly appreciative rather than aggravated that they had to wait. Our average wait time for all is 20 minutes. Yes, we timed it. Heartbreakingly one of the top reasons patients come see us is that the regular vet who has seen a pet for their entire lives can’t euthanize them in a timely manner – we ALWAYS take them in when the time has come to end things, put pets and their caretakers at peace. Just yesterday a new client with an older ill kitty said that the internet was scaring them and their regular doctor gave them an appointment a week away and they just knew the patient wasn’t going to live that long (!)

So people have to figure out ways to obtain this level of care, search a little, it’s gratifying that regular hospitals and ERs are starting to refer clients to us – a collegial move in the best interest of the pets and not competitive. In turn we send the pets back to their regular doctors for regular care and won’t take them on for routine care if we started seeming them for Urgent Care

We provide better, faster, more reasonable care than the Emergency Room – Guaranteed!

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