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“My dog would have had 6 puppies but I pulled on his balls and we only had 4″

I have started with our most recent *dramatic* statement by a client. She was attempting to explain, apologize and perhaps rationalize (it could have been worse!) that she allowed her two reproductively capable dogs to breed despite my pleas to have each spay/neutered. Something that they laugh about at her house, she said. Quite humorous in how she presented it.

It is an endless drone that we all repeat day after day to have the animals internal bits removed so more and more animals won’t have to keep being cared (or not) for. There is a shelter next door to us, an edifice of animal suffering and symbol of mankind’s neglect and perhaps lack of education about what a problem this is. An unfortunate example scientifically identified that I came across simultaneously with my misguided client’s observation:

….Overall, 127 of 169 (75%)
kittens died or disappeared before 6 months of age.
Trauma was the most common cause of death….
“Reproductive capacity of free-roaming domestic cats and kitten survival rate” Felicia B Nutter, DVM; Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.


What I Have Come To Understand

No matter what we do, it is IMPOSSIBLE to manipulate the primitive urges of our pet friends through superficial means.